Review: Capella S705-2012 (Red) Stroller

Stroller is a necessity item for all parents when you bring your baby out. Otherwise, your baby will not be able to rest properly when they feel tired. While the baby is sitting in the stroller, parents will tend to want to monitor their baby. However, most strollers are unable to do so, as it is only forward-facing. We decided to get the Capella S705 as it would allow us to adjust the handle back and forth, giving us the flexibility to let the baby face us or the front. As such, all the 4 wheels are designed to be able to turn instead of only the front 2 being able to maneuver. The stroller is suitable from birth onwards.

The Capella S705 is built sturdily and weighs around 8KG. It comprises of a full length sun canopy and a big shopping basket. The in-built mechanism only allows the stroller to be folder easily using 1 hand. When it is not in use, it can be folded and stand on its own without needing any support.

Below are the full features of the S705:

  1. 170 Degrees  Reclining Backrest (4 positions available) – Engineered not to disturb your baby in abdominal breathing.
  2. 0.4G Shock Absorber – Designed to absorb impacts effectively for your baby’s comfort.
  3. Brain Protection – Side cushions to protect your baby’s brain.
  4. 99% UV Protection – Fully covering canopy to protect your baby’s vulnerable skin.
  5. Light Weight Aluminium Frame
  6. Reversible Handle
  7. One-Hand Flat Folding
  8. Trigger Opening Bumper Bar
  9. Large Shopping Basket
  10. Suitable from Birth

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  1. joanne says:

    Hi,can I check with u?where u bought Capella stroller?

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