Official Huawei Honor ICS Non-Camera (Singapore) is out!

The wait for the official Android Ice-Cream Sandwish OS for Huawei Honor (U8860) is finally over! Yes, it has been rolled out via Huawei’s website. Over-the-air installation is not available yet when I am writing this post.

This English firmware (V100R001SGPC388B935), according to the website, is specified to be for the non-camera version.

Let me show you through the simple installation to get your phone upgraded to the newer firmware. (Advisory: Please backup your phone before you attempt to perform the upgrade.)

  1. Download the firmware here (352.20MB).
  2. Extract the file into a folder.
  3. Connect the phone to your computer.
  4. Turn on USB storage mode on your phone.
  5. Copy the folder “dload – Part 1 (Main package)” onto your phone’s SD card root directory.
  6. Rename this folder to “dload”.
  7. Turn off USB storage mode.
  8. On your phone, go to Settings –> Storage –> Software Upgrade.
  9. Select “SD card Upgrade” and click “Confirm”.
  10. After your phone is booted into the system, turn on USB storage again.
  11. Delete the folder dload.
  12. Then repeat Step 5 to 9 again for the folder “dload – Part 2 (Vendor Package)”.
  13. Congratulation! Your Huawei Honor is now running Android ICS.

*Important – Please DO NOT interrupt or cancel or switch off your phone during the software upgrade. Ensure that your phone is fully charged before you perform the upgrade.


18 Comments  to  Official Huawei Honor ICS Non-Camera (Singapore) is out!

  1. lchunleo says:

    I have attempted to put in my microsd but it seem the phone is unable to detect it. is this a bug or my phone problem?

    • colin says:

      Hi lchunleo,

      Try using your computer to read the memory card and ensure that the card is working fine. I did came across a few people whose cards are faulty, and resulted in the phone not able to detect.

  2. JayToh says:

    Hi. Can I copy the Update in the phone internal memory to upgrade instead of Ext SD? Cos my phone is unable to read micro SD cards. Please advise. Thanks!

    • JayToh says:

      Hi again, tried updating the phone using the int memory and it works! However, having difficulties updating the vendor package. Phone does not detect the update even though the file is inside. Is it really necessary to install the vendor package? Please advise. Thanks!

    • JayToh says:

      The phone is still unable to read my micro SD card by the way.

      • colin says:

        The vendor package is more of the customised apps and to remove the camera app. I felt that it is still good to go without the vendor package.

  3. I think that is among the so much vital information for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But want to statement on some normal issues, The web site style is great, the articles is really nice : D. Excellent task, cheers

  4. Ethan says:

    the part 1 of the dload work well but for the 2nd part which is the vendor, it cause the phone to hang after it indicate file backup success with a big green tick and OK. what should i do?

    • colin says:

      Remove the battery and insert again. Then start your phone. It is good to go. I also encountered this issue and same goes for my friends too. I think this is a bug but no worries because everything is updated correctly.

  5. kcs says:

    hey thanks!:) got an external sd card and managed to fix it. apparently the phone couldnt detect the internal sd card

  6. kcs says:

    yep i have backed up my files using the app ‘all backup’ provided by huawei. but because i can’t upgrade my phone with the vendor package (i.e. huawei package), the app ‘all backup’ is not congruent with ics.. so i can’t restore my backups. i need to update the ‘all backup’ app with the vendor’s package.

  7. kcs says:

    oh ok i think the problem lies with the OS.. cause i think the phone can’t detect the internal SD card or smth?cause when i try to download apps now, it is stored in the 1gb internal memory and i have no way of getting it stored in the 2gb internal SD card instead.

    And on the warning page, it only showed “during upgrade do not remove the battery, sim card and sdcard” and “make sure that the battery level is sufficient” but NOT “it is suggested backup data to sdcard before upgrade”.

    I dont have a external sdcard now.. but gonna get it later and try again to see if it helps. Thanks! will update if it helps!

    • colin says:

      The SD card meant to be the external micro-SD, not the phone’s internal memory. Everything in the phone’s internal memory/storage will be wiped. Thus, you can backup your data to your micro-SD and then import again after performing the upgrade.

  8. kcs says:

    hi thanks for the guide. but was wondering, what is the size of the vendor package file? Cause mine’s like 4kb only and i cant upgrade with the vendor file.. the main package file worked fine though.

    • colin says:

      Hi kcs,

      The overall zip up file as downloaded from Huawei’s website should read 352MB. As for the individual package files, they are 667MB and 544bytes. You might want to try downloading the whole package again?

  9. Violet Yeo says:

    Please advise how do I back up. where should I back up the apps and data in my Huawei Honor before I upgrade my phone to ICS? Thak you.

    • colin says:

      Hi Violet,

      Files stored in yr SD card will be safe. However, SMS messages and settings will be wiped out. You may download free tools such as “SMS Backup and Restore” from Google play. For contacts, you can simply do an export to yr SD card. Application wise, you can simply re-download.

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