Root your Samsung Galaxy Note II (LTE) – GT-N7105

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note II (LTE) is made easy by Chainfire with CF-Auto-Root. I chose this mode of rooting as I have no intention to switch to custom firmware as of now, and would still stick to the original firmware by Samsung – Jelly Bean 4.1.1. My purpose of rooting the phone is to allow app to gain root access by enabling SuperSU.

Why do I want to root?
There are apps which I do not use and yet running in the background. By gaining root access, I would be able to uninstall these app and increase the performance and battery lifespan. In addition, I would be able to install third-party software such as Titanium Backup which requires SuperSU access to function.

Do note that this firmware does not come with the famous CWM for you to install custom firmware. However, after rooting your phone, you can install the app through Play store.

What is installed?
1. SuperSU binary and APK
2. Stock recovery (note that any other recovery you may have installed will be overwritten!)

What do I need?
1. Odin3-v1.85 zip file
2. CF-Auto-Root-t0lte-gtn7105 zip file

How do I root?
1. Unzip to a folder.
2. Unzip to the same folder.
3. The folder should contain 3 files.
a. Odin3 v1.85.exe
b. Odin3.ini
c.  CF-Auto-Root-t0lte-gtn7105.tar.md5
4.  Disconnect your phone from your computer.
5. Double click on Odine3 v1.85.exe.
6. Click the PDA button under Files [Download], and select CF-Auto-Root-t0lte-gtn7105.tar.md5. (Refer to Figure 1)
7. Ensure that “Repartition” under Option is NOT checked. (Refer to Figure 2)
7. Shut down your phone.
8. Put your phone in download mode.
a. Hold Volume Down+Home+Power to boot.
b. Press Volume Up to continue.
c. You will see the android logo with “Downloading.. ” text.
9.  Connect the phone to your computer.
10.  Click on Start.
11. Wait for Android to boot. (Refer to Figure 3)
12. Congratulation, your phone is now rooted!



6 Comments  to  Root your Samsung Galaxy Note II (LTE) – GT-N7105

  1. kane says:

    Will this work on the stock 4.1.1 rom on the gtn7105t?

  2. Gualbert says:

    why need to root for phone? what is the meaning of rooting?

    • colin says:

      Hi Gualbert,

      By rooting, you will have full access to the android OS. Thus, you will have the capability to do much such as turning off some default background apps, using titanium backup and etc. By turning off some background apps like Google+, I am able to save some battery juice and extend the usage on a single charge.

  3. Teck Lim says:

    Hi after rooting… can revert back later to factory state???
    just in case want to claim warranty..

    • colin says:

      Hi Teck Lim,

      Yes, you can return it back to the unrooted state. Simply follow the same steps but use the stock firmware instead to flash to your phone and it will be returned to the unrooted mode. You may get the official firmware from

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