Christmas Present! – Nespresso Pixie & Aeroccino

Annabelle got me the Nespresso Pixe which I had been eyeing for the past donkey months for Christmas! Not only did she purchase the coffee machine, she got me all the complementary tools/machines that you need to make a nice cup of coffee too! Guess a picture is better than a thousand words.


Let me start with the main coffee machine first. It is the Nespresso Pixie and it’s red! This machine simply blends in with our kitchen cabinets so well, that you might think we got the machine then we built our cabinets.


Then there is the Aeroccino+ which enables the whisking and frosting of milk. You can choose between preparing a cup of hot or cold milk to complement with your coffee. The milk can be prepared in a mere 2 minutes for latte or cappuccino.

Last but not least, it is the capsule holder which can hold up to 40 capsules. The external of the holder is made of aluminium while the tray is made of hard plastic. It is made in Taiwan. The material is strong enough for you to rest my Nespresso Pixie on it without compromising on the opening and closing of the capsule tray.

You might now wonder why do I like Nespresso instead of the other coffee machines available in the market? Well, one of the main reason is the availability of the coffee capsules and its varieties. You can simply hop into any big shopping malls and you should be able to grab the capsules of your liking. Otherwise, there are always online merchants and even directly from Nespresso that would deliver to you your favourite coffee capsules. As for the Nespresso machine, it is designed to operate at high pressure extraction (19 bars to be exact) to release the aroma of the coffee. Operating the machine is very simple too. You basically turn on the machine, wait for it to be ready and press a button to choose between 45ml or 110ml (dependent on your coffee capsule), and you are ready for a cup of aromatic coffee!


Other items bought together for the use of the machine by my dear wife. The bodum assum glasses is worth considering for latte lovers.


My first glass of self-made Latte (Fortissio Lungo with GreenField low-fat skim milk) on a lazy weekend morning! You may refer to Nespresso website for the different recipe.

Sipping my Caffe Latte while composing this post is a great enjoyment in life!

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