Precious Moments Figurine Deals!

If you are a collector of Precious Moments figurines like us, I have found a good online place for you to shop. Are you aware that Amazon is able to ship the figurine directly to you? And most importantly, it is cheaper than the prices sold locally! That’s after factoring in the 10% discount if you are a member of Precious Thots, the official distributor of Precious Moments figurines in Singapore.

A good example would be the limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide figurine, “In My Dreams I’m Always With You“. The retail price in Singapore is $360 SGD and without the 10% member discount, you can bring it home at $324 SGD. Amazon is currently selling it at $171.34 USD with direct shipping (based on Standard Shipping 9-12 days) to Singapore at $17.70 USD. After conversion, it would be $250 SGD!

Have fun shopping for your collectible Precious Moments figurines today at the comfort of you home!

6 Comments  to  Precious Moments Figurine Deals!

  1. Latricia says:

    I would like to buy some figurines from Amazon, bt I realize there is only one supplier that ship international “Seller: Treasure Keeper, Inc.”. Did u buy from this supplier too?or from another?

  2. preciousmoments says:

    hi colin im a collector of precious moments figurines as well. can i ask if the pieces from amazon are genuine? and hows the packaging? is it the same like the ones bought locally?

    • colin says:

      They are the same as per what you buy locally. As it is direct shipping from Amazon, you do not have to worry about the delivery. Should you received any broken items, you can raise a dispute to Amazon. 🙂

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