Review: SanDisk Ultra® Plus Solid State Drive (128 GB)

Having already owned the SanDisk Extreme® Solid State Drive and been satisfied with the performance thus far, I decided to go for another SanDisk SSD to upgrade Annabelle’s laptop which is still running on the conventional 5400rpm hdd. This time round, it is the newly launched SanDisk Ultra® Plus SSD. As Annabelle is a light user, a 128GB SSD shall suffice her requirements.

The SanDisk Ultra® SSD is built using SanDisk’s own MLC nand and is based on Marvell’s SS889175 controller. It is compatible with SATA3 (6.0Gb/s) interfaces and is also backwards-compatible with SATA/SATA2 interfaces. Its built is at 7mm thick, and would fit into most ultrabook and laptop. For those who required a 9mm SSD, there is a 2mm spacer included too. The SSD is running at a low power consumption of 0.12w. Hopefully, this will increase Annabelle’s laptop operating hours while on battery. The SSD is backed by 3-year warranty limited warranty.

SanDisk Ultra Packaging     SanDisk SSDs

The performance of the SanDisk Ultra® SSD conducted in-house by SanDisk is stated to be able to achieve the following result:

Performance 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB
Sequential Read (up to) 520 MB/s 530 MB/s 530 MB/s
Sequential Write (up to) 155 MB/s 290 MB/s 445 MB/s
Random Read (up to) 76K IOPS 80K IOPS 82K IOPS
Random Write (up to) 29K IOPS 33K IOPS 39K IOPS

I shall now conduct the test of the SanDisk Ultra® 128GB SSD on my own and also make a comparison with my existing SanDisk Extreme® 240GB SSD.

SanDisk Ultra SSD 128GB

SanDisk Ultra SSD 128GB

SanDisk Extreme SSD 240GB

SanDisk Extreme SSD 240GB

Indeed, the SanDisk Ultra 128GB SSD is able to achieve the read and write speed as tested by SanDisk. Although this may not be a fair test as I am comparing the 128GB against the previous version of 240GB, we can observe that there is a significant improvement in terms of performance. In conclusion, I am once again satisfied with the SanDisk Ultra range of SSD as a budget upgrade for the existing laptop. The SanDisk Extreme® II SSD should be an even greater improvement when compared to the SanDisk Extreme® SSD.

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