Lunching with the Stingrays at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora (S.E.A Aquarium)

The annual affair has arrived once again. Weeks prior to Colin’s 2xth birthday, I ransacked my brains on ideas to celebrate his birthday. Colin has always been an advocate of simple yet personal birthday experiences. Therefore, I wanted to bring him someplace different this year, away from his favorite steaks at classic steakhouses such as Lawry’s, Gordon Grill and Morton’s. In addition, since my plan was to bring our little darling along on this day (How can we ever leave cute Ashley at home??), I decided on Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora (S.E.A Aquarium). Why is that so? The photos on the website was simply mesmerizing, with the view of marine life in the restaurant while you dine.

Here is a sneak peek of the 3-course set lunch we ordered on that day.

Cabbage and Bacon Soup

Swordfish Tartare

The soup is rich and creamy with a smooth texture finish. My first try at tartare and I love it. It is simply refreshing and appetitising with the fruits (apple, cucumber and avocado) complementing the swordfish.

Crispy Kurobuta Pork Belly

The pork belly is pan-fried to a nice crispy fragrant texture and it goes nicely with the mustard. The garnishes (sautéed savoy cabbage and sauerkraut purée) went well with the pork belly as it helps to alleviate the greasiness of the pork belly. Advice is, if you are not a big fan of fatty meat, you might want to try out other main course in the menu.

Braised “Boneless” Wagyu Short Rib

Braised to tenderness, the wagyu short rib was fragrant and tasty. The garnishes blended in nicely with the star of the dish. In comparison, I prefer the garnishes (sautéed mushrooms and celeriac purée) to this dish which are milder in flavor than that of the sauerkraut purée.

Dark Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Passion

Lastly, the desserts! Thick flavorful chocolate brownie with a light pistachio purée and ice-cream. Although I am not a big fan of passion fruit, I loved this dessert. The banana stew was done to perfection and 68% cocoa ice cream enhanced the flavor of the banana stew.

For the ambience Ocean Restaurant provides,  the set lunch is a steal at $60++ for those who wants to bring their loved ones to a nice meal with beautiful view on special occasions.

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2 Comments  to  Lunching with the Stingrays at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora (S.E.A Aquarium)

  1. Chining says:

    Hi, very nice post about the restaurant. I m thinking to bring my little to the restaurant for my hubby birthday. But my little is just 6 months old and according to restaurant, baby pram have to leave at the entrance. May I know is ur little know to sit when ur visit?

    • belle says:

      My girl was also 6 months when we celebrated Colin’s birthday back then. The restaurant allowed us to push the pram in such that we can put Ashley back into her pram when she was tired of sitting on the baby chair.

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