Root your LG Optimus F5 (LG-P875) Non Camera (Singapore)

As usual, it is time to root my phone after a full battery charge. Well, the purpose is to have full access to the phone. Below is the documented process of rooting the LG Optimus F5 (LG-P875) using motochopper. Kudos to the guys from xda-developers.

The rooting process provided below DOES NOT unlock your bootloader. Motochopper would work in the different operating systems (Windows, MAC, Linux). However, I am only going into the track for Windows.

** Disclaimer: Please note that your warranty for the phone may be voided by LG after rooting. Do it at your own risk. I shall bear no responsibilities should your phone brick due to any reason. Please ensure that you understand what you are going to do and why you are doing it before proceeding. Please ensure that your phone is left with at least 60% battery charge.

You will need the following files before you are able to root your phone.

  1. LG Optimus F5 (LG-P875) USB Drivers. Go to and search for “LG875” as highlighted in red. Navigate to the “Software Update” tab below and download the drivers.
    F5 USB Driver Download
  2. Motochopper Root  Kit.

Let’s go into the detailed steps of preparing your Windows environment for the rooting process.

  1. Double click on the LG Optimus F5 USB Drivers setup file (B2CAppSetup.exe) that you have downloaded earlier.
  2. Wait for the “LG Mobile Support Tool” to complete launching.
  3. Ensure that your phone is currently not connected to your computer.
  4. Click on “Install USB Driver”.
    Install USB Driver-1
  5. Select “LGP875” and click “Next” and press “OK”.
    Install USB Driver-2
  6. Continue with the standard installation process.
  7. When the installation is completed, you will be greeted with the screen below.
    Install USB Driver-3
  8. You may not close the “LG Mobile Support Tool”.
  9. Next, please enable “USB debugging” on your phone. Go to “Settings” –> “Developer options”  and check “USB debugging”.
  10. Finally, we shall now extract the motochopper Root Kit downloaded earlier into C:\motochopper or any folder of your preference.
  11. You may now connect your phone to the computer via the micro-USB cable. Your computer should attempt to install the drivers, and it must be completely successful before you can proceed further. Otherwise, please repeat Step 1 to Step 7 again, and then plug in your phone using another USB port from your computer.
  12. Open a command prompt and navigate to the motochopper folder created in Step 10.
  13. Execute “run.bat”.
  14. This is your final chance. Exit if you do not want to root your phone! Otherwise, press any key to continue.
  15. If the rooting process is successful, you will see the screenshot below. Press any key now to reboot your phone.
  16. Congratulation, you have rooted your phone successfully! Enjoy the full access to your phone.

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  1. ashiya says:


    Thanks again for your guide!

    I’ve encountered a problem– my cmdprompt stopped after “Pushing root tools”– it says “Success”, but doesn’t move on to/ display the next line of “[*] rooting phone”, etc. How do I prompt the next step? Thanks!


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