Review: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

As parents, there are always thousand and one things you would want to get for your little angel at home. Colin and I are no exception. With Baby Ashley growing up day by day, we decided it’s time to start buying her toys that she can play in or play with to keep her entertained at home. Nowadays, toys are not just meant for entertainment. Instead, majority of them are equipped with additional benefits such as educational value. Therefore, choosing toys for kids are no longer a no-brainer but instead, you have to review and analyze what is most suited to the kid before any purchase.

So, what sparked our thought in the purchase of the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo? On a random day of scrolling through events on my Facebook page, I came across an uploaded video of my friend’s baby in her jumperoo. It was pure cute-ness as I watched the baby bounced up and down the jumperoo and you can totally share the baby’s joy through the video clip. With no doubt, I showed Colin the video clip and “TA-DANG”, we decided we should get one for Ashley. We believe she’ll love the toy as much as my friend’s little one given that our active little sweetheart loves to give her body a nice workout every moment of the day. In addition, there are several plus points to the jumperoo as a toy, (1) the moving, spinning and jumping can greatly enhance the child’s large motor skills and (2) the colorful toys and fun music  can act to further stimulate their visual and auditory senses.

Once we’ve made up our mind in purchasing a jumperoo for Ashley, we wasted no time in searching through the Fisher-Price jumperoos of different themes in Amazon. You’ll be caught by surprise by the number of different jumperoos Fisher-Price has out in the market. It can be quite overwhelming to select the jumperoo  when you are spoilt for choices. Initially, we were considering between 2 choices, the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo and the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo.  There are many similarities in the two models but what sets them apart is the educational value we see in the Laugh and Learn Jumperoo. In particular, we were enticed by the Early Learning Fun mode whereby cause and effect, colors, shapes, object and animal identification, and animal sounds are all introduced as baby’s jumping activates lights and three sing-along songs. Furthermore, there is the shape-sorting garden, and a farm flip book that does something different every time baby flips the page.

To cut the long story short, here are some of the specifications of the Laugh & Learn Jumperoo,

  • Spinning seat for all around play, music, sounds and lights when baby jumps
  • Six different toy stations plus two overhead toys that let baby activate lights and five fun melodies
  • Cause and effect, colors, shapes, object, animal identification and animal sounds are all introduced as baby’s jumping activates lights and three sing along songs
  • Sturdy, free standing steel frame lets baby jump safely no doorway required
  • Height adjusts as baby grows and soft spring covers keep little fingers safe

Jumperoo-1     Jumperoo-2     Jumperoo-3

Purchasing the jumperoo off Amazon was simply hassle-free as they ship the item directly to Singapore. Besides saving money, time and effort was not wasted in a trip down to the departmental store to lug the item back home. Furthermore, the item reached us within a week of order and Ashley was placed in her jumperoo less than a week from the day we decided to buy the jumperoo. Kudos to Daddy for assembling the jumperoo after a hard day of work!

Seeing Ashley in the jumperoo proved priceless as she touched and played the different toy stations in enthusiasm with the lights and music keeping her in awe. Yes! We know all babies love lights and music but watching our little angel having fun with the toys, lights and music is always a different experience. Seeing her bounce up and down the jumperoo and enjoying her moves is a pleasure to watch and we knew we made the right choice in purchasing the jumperoo.

Happy Ashley-2     Happy Ashley-1

13 Comments  to  Review: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Colin, your revuew is very useful. Thought of buying jumperoo but never realize that there are many types od jumperoo. May i know whether buying from amazon will have international warranty? Thanks

  2. Krystal says:

    Hi there, I am also considering buying this product after I came across your review from a spot of google. May I know how many months old was baby Ashley when you first put her into the Jumperoo? My little princess is now 4 months old and I wonder if it is too early for her. Thanks

    • belle says:

      Ashley is pretty petite for her age so I only managed to put her in when she was around 6 months. There has been a tendency of her leaning forward before that as there was a pretty big gap. So the age really depends as different children grow at different rates

  3. Mei says:

    I am trying to buy the Jumperoo off amazon based on your recommendation and was wondering how much you had to pay for shipping? Thank you.

    • colin says:

      Hi Mei,

      If I remembered correctly, we paid about USD$50 for the shipping. The total cost is around SGD$200 for the jumperoo inclusive of the shipping cost after currency conversion at that time.

  4. jess says:

    Ok thank you colin.

  5. jess says:

    Hi thank you for your reply. But may I knw where is the link as I cant find it. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Olivia says:

    thanks for sharing!! i was looking for reliable spore-based reviews of this Laugh & Learn jumperoo.

    • colin says:

      Hi Olivia,

      Unfortunately, we could not find the Laugh & Learn model in SG and decided to ship from Amazon. We felt that this model has higher educational level as compared to the Rainforest model.

  7. jess says:

    Hi may I knw how much you paid for this jumperoo? Its retailing at S $280 in Singapore..

    • colin says:

      Hi Jess,

      We got it for slightly less than $200. You may wish to consider to ship from Amazon using the links provided in the post.

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