Review: Philips AVENT Steamer and Blender

Being a first-time mum makes every part of your baby’s growth a learning journey. With Ashley approaching 6 months, it is time to introduce her to semi-solids and not surprising, I am totally clueless how to go about weaning her. Furthermore, it has been a challenge trying to introduce her to formula milk during this period. Therefore, I have to think hard and through on the best way to introduce her to semi-solids. New knowledge can be especially overwhelming and contradicting as compared to tradition methods of weaning the baby. Through attending of weaning courses during my pregnancy, nutritionists have taught me that the best way to wean the baby is to introduce them to single ingredient pureed food (starting from vegetables and gradually to fruits) such that the babies will be able to taste and differentiate different food. In contrast, our mothers and grandmothers has started weaning most of us through the introduction of home-cooked porridge with ikan bilis, carrots, spinach and so on. So what is the best way for our baby then?

Well, I would say it is hard to refute both school of thoughts because both of them made sense.  So I thought, ” Why not do both at the same time and see what does Ashley like to eat?” For starters, i decided to go with the conventional preparation of pureed sweet potato for Ashley which is to steam the sweet potato and mashing with a fork. To my horror, it is almost madness to steam the sweet potato to softness and let alone mash it to consistency for Ashley to consume. My first thought was ” This is not possible to prepare everyday because I cannot imagine myself spending hours just to prepare a meal for Ashley and have no other time for her.” Therefore, I turned to another quick solution which is to purchase the Philips AVENT Steamer and Blender which the nutritionist introduced during the weaning course held by Philips. For mums-on-the-go, this is extremely user-friendly. All you have to do is to wash and cut your fruits and vegetables and leave the machine to do the job for you. As the name suggests, there are the steaming and blending functions. First, you can steam the vegetables and fruits for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the nature of the food. Then, you can tilt the holder over to blend the food to a smooth consistency for your baby’s consumption.

Steam then Blend!

It is very simple to use and time-saving. Although I have only utilized the machine for a few times (Baby Ashley prefers the good ol’ porridge which all of us, daddies/mummies grew up on), I do feel it is a good investment if your baby loves pureed food as freshly prepared food will forever supersede those of bottled pureed food.

2013-08-06 09.28.45

Blending process

2013-08-06 09.31.15

Final product – carrot puree!

2013-08-06 11.39.16

Baby Ashley’s first taste of carrot puree


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  1. Dyla says:

    Hi Belle, Im interested to purchase some baby stuff from amazon website which u recommended. Can you share more of ur experience on the online purchase? Can be trusted? How long will you receive the item? Thank you.

    • colin says:

      Hi Dyla,

      I would say that the buying experience is pretty fuss free at Amazon. It is one of the most reputable online merchant in the world. In general, shipping would takes about 2-3 weeks to reach Singapore. Hope this helps.

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