A Lovely French Birthday Dinner Treat in the Suburbs at Vis-a-Vis

Like I say, these few months have been full of celebrations and finally, it’s my hatch-day on the 4th September. Although my birthday fell on a weekday this year, Colin specially took leave to spend this day with me and Ashley. It’s a blessing when you have your loved ones spending this very day with you even if you cannot have meals at the poshiest restaurant in town (you would get what I mean when you have a little one at home). One of the frustrating things on arranging of a lunch/dinner venue on this special occasion with a little angel in tow is that some restaurants are practically baby-UNfriendly (whereby they do not allow prams in their restaurant premises or kids under a certain age to dine indoors) so I definitely understand Colin’s difficulties in finding an ideal restaurant for my birthday especially I am also as fussy a eater.

So extremely glad I am when he found Vis-a-Vis, a cozy French restaurant located in the suburbs at Jalan Kembangan. The restaurant is like a hidden gem exuding with a rustic charm of country Provence and most importantly, without all the parking hassles of downtown dining. Furthermore, the friendly service provided by Francis and Michael added on to the wonderful dinner experience and Chef Jeremy even came out to explain on the best way to taste the dishes such that our palates are full satisfied.

Here’s a look at some of the dishes we had that night.

Entrees Chaudes

2013-09-04 19.09.02

Foie Gras

The foie gras was quick seared over hot pan and perked up with grapes lychees & gingko nuts in a pomegranate sauce. The foie gras was tender, tasty and comparable to many of the renowned restaurants out there. Furthermore, the fruits were contrastingly refreshing and light to go with the foie gras.


2013-09-04 19.33.31


2013-09-04 19.34.29

Iberico Pork Collar and Ribs

The quail was deboned & marinated in spices & fresh herbs served with a sauce made with its own pan-jus infused with caramelized onion sauce topped with seared foie gras. This is my first time having quail hence I do not have anything to compare to but the meat was tender although I was drawn more towards the sinful pan-seared foie gras which tasted heavenly. Colin went for the iberico pork collar & ribs which were marinated in the chef’s special seasoning; pan-seared over hot pan & finish roasting in oven; served with a sauce made with sweet onions, orange & pineapple jus.  The pork collar & ribs were slightly overcooked but overall, it was still a good dish.


2013-09-04 20.07.26

Vis’ special éclair (top left), Baked Alaska (right)

2013-09-04 20.10.10

Dark Chocolate Soufflé

2013-09-04 20.02.11

Dark chocolates used in the making of the Soufflé

The Vis’ special éclair is a golden éclair stuffed with creamy durian ganache served with homemade tiramisu ice cream drizzled with caramelized Tia Maria sauce dusted with chocolate pearls. Baked Alaska is cointreau ice cream & peach sabayon coated with meringue flambé in triple sec laced with passion fruit coulis. Last but not least, the dark chocolate soufflé is spiked with golden rum and served with cherry jubilee accompanied by homemade vanilla ice cream. In general, the desserts are a must-try and you can feel every bit of the chef’s heart and soul in them.

Ending a final touch to this birthday treat was my second birthday cake of the day, the tiramisu.

2013-09-04 20.04.10

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