Root your Google Chromecast

This is a follow up from the previous artcile on “Review: Google Chromecast“. In this article, I shall be writing a simple guide to let you follow through on rooting your Google Chromecast.

Some may ask “Why do you want to root your Google Chromecast?”. The answer is simple! It is to unleash the full potential of this tiny flash drive lookalike device. I believe there are tons and tons of articles on what a rooted Google Chromecast can do, so I shall not elaborate further.

** Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you were to mess up your Chromecast and caused it to brick. Do not proceed from here if you are unsure of what you are doing. Do it at your own risk.

Things you will need for the rooting process:

  1. A Google Chromecast with the old firmware v1.0 bootloader. How to find out? Check out via the serial no. here!
  2. A flash drive with min. size of 128MB. ** Data inside will be wiped out. **
  3. Latest FlashCast firmware [LINK]
  4. PwnedCast ROM [LINK]
  5. Win32 Disk Imager [LINK]
  6. A powered OTG micro-USB cable

Proceed only when you have gotten the parts and downloaded all the necessary files required.

Phase 1: Preparing the FlashCast firmware

1. Open the Win32 Disk Imager application and select the FlashCast firmware to be written onto the flash drive. Ensure that the “Device” field is pointed to your flash drive.

2. Click on the “Write” button.

Win32 Disk Imager

Phase 2: Flashing FlastCast to your Chromecast (Ensure that no power is connected to your Chromecast)

3. Connect the male end of your powered micro-USB OTG cable to your Chromecast.

4. Connect your flash drive to the female end of the USB connector of your powered micro-USB OTG cable.

5. Connect your USB charger supplied with the cable to your powered micro-USB OTG cable. DO NOT power it on.

6. Press and hold the button on your Chromecast and turn on the power of your USB charger.

7. You should now see a red light on your Chromecast blinking for approximately 9 seconds before turning white. Your TV should now display the FlashCast logo and its instruction. You may now release the button on your Chromecast. FlashCast is now installing and your Chromecast will reboot once it is completed.


Phase 3: Rooting your Chromecast

8. Using the same flash drive prepared earlier, place the PwnedCast ROM downloaded earlier into the root folder of the flash drive and rename it to

9. Repeat Step 3 to 6.

10. The whole rooting process should take approximately 6 minutes.

11. Once completed, your Chromecast would automatically reboot.

12. Congratulation! Your Chromecast is now rooted. Enjoy!

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