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Tea time at D’Zerts Cafe

On a random Sunday before our spa session, we decided to go somewhere near for a quick lunch after dropping Ashley off at my mum’s place. That’s how we chanced upon D’Zerts Cafe conveniently located  at Jalan Pari Burong where we are having our lunch. Although we did not have sufficient time to stop by for desserts straight after lunch, the waffle dessert that they advertised on their window was lingering in my mind. Therefore, I thought, “Let’s check out this cafe on our way back since it is on the way to pick up Ashley.” Indeed, we went back to try out the desserts right after our spa session.

2013-09-08 18.04.36

D’zerts Cafe

What drew me into this little cafe was the advertisement of the Bert’s waffle at the shopfront. Being a lover of waffles, I was tempted enough to pester Colin to drive back for tea break. Here’s a peek at what i ordered.

2013-09-08 17.42.53

Bert’s Waffle

The waffle is freshly prepared on the spot and is fragrant and crisp. However, I must say I was not wow-ed entirely by the waffle as there are waffles that I have tasted that caters better to my taste buds.

Here’s what Colin ordered. His usual cup of cappucino and a sliced of salted caramel cheese cake.

2013-09-08 17.42.45

Salted Caramel Cheese Cake


2013-09-08 17.42.58


The cheesecake tasted pretty much like any good ol’ cheesecake and I could not really tell if there was any salted caramel in it (this will be a disappointment if you are a lover of salted caramel but for me, a non-lover, it works just fine).

Some photos of the other cakes and tarts I did not have the chance to try that day.

2013-09-08 18.01.00

2013-09-08 18.01.13

Generally, it is a nice and cozy little cafe to laze around on a weekend afternoon if you want to avoid the crowds in town.

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