Review: Silicon Power Mobile X10 32GB USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drive

Are you running out of space on your Android device that does not come with micro-SD support? Or to quickly transfer files between different Android devices? Here comes your solution! Silicon Power (SP) has released a cool tiny flash drive called Mobile X10 that comes with a dual USB interface (USB 2.0). It features both the standard USB and micro-USB connector, and available in different capacity of 16GB and 32GB.


Do note that in order to use the OTG function of the micro-USB on your Android device, your device needs to be rooted. Otherwise, you would not be able to mount the Mobile X10. A simple app called “Easy OTG Checker” can help you to verify your device status.
**Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you were to brick your device while rooting. Please root only if you know what you are doing! **

Easy OTG Checker


If your device can detect the Mobile X10 successfully, the next step is to mount the Mobile X10 to the system so that you can access it through your file explorer using “USB OTG Helper”. Here’s a picture of the size of the Mobile X10 connected to a Nexus 7 (2013). My problem of not having enough space for Ashley’s videos on the Nexus 7 is solved. [Rooting Nexus 7 (2013)]

Nexus 7 with SP OTG

A small disappointment is that the Mobile X10 gets really heated up very quickly when connected via the micro-USB interface, so do be careful when you are touching it when connected to your android device! I didn’t encounter this heat issue while connected using the standard USB interface though.

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