Review: UnoTelly Premium – Beyond the borders

I have heard so much about UnoTelly since the days of Brazil World Cup 2014 but haven’t had the time to try it. Being a fan of Pandora and Spotify, I had to logon manually to a VPN service everytime  before I could connect to Pandora due to geographical restriction. The sites would block my Singapore IP address due to copyright-related issues. Finally, I managed to find some time looking into the services provided by UnoTelly during this long weekend.

UnoTelly Premium Trial Signup


It is really great to know that UnoTelly is actually providing a free 8-days trial of its UnoTelly Premium plan. I believe that it serves as a confidence-booster to customers-to-be, and also reflects the confidence of UnoTelly in their services. What’s more? UnoTelly provdes 100% moneyback guarantee and there is no contract involved. When you think that you do not need the service anymore, you could simply terminate the subscription and be refunded on the unused credit.

The sign-up for the trial is very straightforward. You simply fill up the 3 fields – First Name, Email and Password, and you are good to go with a 3-days trial. By acknowledging to the email sent, you would receive the rest of the 5-days trial and your account would be credited with the total of 8 days of free UnoTelly Premium services.

What is UnoTelly Premium plan?

UnoTelly Premium plan comes with unlimited UnoDNS access that set you unlocked to more than 250 channels globally. You are able to connect to more than 30 fast DNS servers depending on your location. The subscription is a mere USD$4.95/mth. By changing your default ISP DNS server to that of UnoTelly, the sites you visit would automatically become localised. i.e: If I am now visiting a US site, the site would see my IP as though I am a user with a US IP. No more annoying error prompting me from Pandora that I am not living in the United States!

Initially, I was pretty skeptical that my bandwidth would be affected by using UnoTelly UnoDNS service. I was totally wrong! To conduct a fair testing, I did a speed test on a Singapore server, so that my bandwidth (100Mbps) is maximised. I am able to achieve the same throughput with and without UnoDNS.

UnoTelly UnoDNS ON

How do I use UnoTelly UnoDNS?

UnoDNS works on any Windows/MAC/Linux operated devices including your iOS and Android smartphones/tablets/media streaming boxes. The catch is that you must be able to change the DNS to that of UnoDNS to achieve non geo-restricted access. For me, I decided to change the DNS at my router’s configuration. Simply look for the DNS field in your administration page of your router, and change to the nearest DNS servers from more than 30 fast DNS servers offered by UnoTelly. By configuring the DNS change at my router, all my devices connected would be non geo-restricted. Otherwise, I would have to configure device by device. One important point to note is that UnoTelly does not limit bandwidth and the number of devices you are allowed to connect to.

DNS configuration

What else is there from UnoTelly?

Apart from UnoTelly Premium plan, UnoTelly also offers UnoTelly Gold plan (USD$7.95/mth). With UnoTelly Gold plan, you would also enjoy UnoVPN with PPTP and OpenVPN protocol support. This would be very useful for those who connect back to the network that is hosting UnoDNS, and then tunneling out with a non geo-restricted connection. Secured access to US, UK, Canada and Netherland VPN servers is also provided to prevent sniffing and the possibility of identity theft.

UnoTelly offers its plans in 30-days, 90-days, 180-days and 365-days subscription plan. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it is. Remember, there is no contract involved and you can terminate at any time!

Great work by those at UnoTelly in providing such services! With UnoDNS, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Videos would also be accessible to me! Enjoying Pandora while writing this review. Time to enjoy Netflix on my AppleTV and Chromecast later.



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