Ashley’s 2nd Birthday Celebration with Sesame Street-themed Cakes by ButterFingers

This year we decided on a small-scale celebration of Ashley’s 2nd birthday. What first came to my mind was that I wanted Ashley to have a birthday cake that features her favourite character, ELMO. Searching through dozens of images of birthday cakes with Elmo designs was overwhelming and fun at the same time. Luckily for me, Rachel, our long time friend from our JC years have her home-based business, ButterFingers wherein she bakes beautiful cakes and cupcakes for special occasions. With her advice and suggestions, we finally decided on a cake design featuring Elmo on a garden themed setting. Initially, I was considering incorporating both of Ashley’s favourite TV characters, Elmo and Barney on the same cake. However, upon seeing a photo Rachel sent me, I decided against it and told myself, I needed the standing rainbow with Elmo (Ashley would love it given that she is recently into the Youtube video clip, Elmo in the Sky)! And I am glad I did coz it turned out fabulous as shown in  the photos below (photo credits to ButterFingers).



Ashley's Birthday Dinner with Family

Ashley’s Birthday Dinner with Family

Daddy and Mummy's Little Princess

Daddy and Mummy’s Little Princess

Since Ashley’s birthday falls on her first week in school, what better way to start the year rolling than a mini birthday celebration with her new friends in school! With no doubt, the theme of the party was decided to be Sesame Street. Knowing that young kids are drawn to cute little things, I decided on mini cupcakes featuring the different Sesame Street characters such as Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Leaving the cupcakes in the hands of ButterFingers, I only had to prepare birthday loot bags for the young kids. For parents planning a Sesame Street themed party, I can tell you it is pretty hard to get party items in that theme. I hunted through party gift shops in Bugis, Spotlight in Plaza Singapura until I finally found them in Party City in Raffles City. Again, I have to blame myself for procrastinating thus, the late planning otherwise I could have made my life easier by ordering them online. To put the planning aside, here are some photos of the pretty cupcakes and Ashley with her new friends in school.



Ashley with Daddy & Mummy


Ashley and her new friends

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