Review: Wellements Baby Move (Constipation)

I believe constipation in a baby is one of the worst nightmare of mummies. What follows can be worse when the baby starts to produce hard stools that cause bleeding. My first bad experience happened when we brought Ashley on a holiday when she was 12 months old. As Ashley started teething at a later stage than most other kids, there were limited types of food that we can feed her at that stage. The real challenge came when fruits and vegetables that can be easily be chewed and swallowed with just gums are not readily accessible when one is overseas. Hence, that was the first time we had Ashley not poo for 2-3 days and when she does, the stools became so hard that she always cries when she tries to get them out of her system.

Therefore, this prompted me to find a solution for this problem even if this may not be a recurrent event. After reading on mummy forums and talking to other mummies, prune juice appeared to be an easy option to solve the constipation issue as it is liquid and can be easily consumed by Ashley. However good this solution is, it was not an option for me as Ashley hated the taste of prune juice and turned her head away every time she smells the prune juice. As what all mummies would do, I had to look for other alternatives that Ashley will be receptive to.

wellements baby move

That’s when I came across Wellements Baby Move, a natural formula comprising of organic prune concentrate and prebiotics designed to help infants and toddlers with occasional constipation. As this is a prune concentrate, you only need to add a small volume of the prune concentrate to breast milk, formula, water or juice (see the image below for the recommended mixing ratio) before giving it to your baby. Do note that it is recommended to seek a doctor’s advice if you intend to give it to your infant below 6 months. Therefore, it does not have the overwhelming smell of the prune juice and is easily acceptable to babies who have sensitive taste buds. Luckily for me, Ashley was receptive with the taste of Wellements Baby Move in her milk (be it formula or fresh milk) and I have been consistently giving her the prune concentrate if I noticed that she have not cleared her bowels in 2 days in order to aid her in her bowel movements. For mummies who are experiencing the same problem I encountered when sourcing for a solution to your baby’s constipation, you may want to give Wellements Baby Move a try.

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