Up Close and Personal Breakfast with Sesame Street Characters at USS

The Sesame Street frenzy did not just end with the birthday cakes and cupcakes for Ashley on her 2-year-old birthday.

An impromptu decision that came with her birthday planning was to bring Ashley to the Sesame Street Character Breakfast at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Initially, our concerns mainly revolved around the question, “Will Ashley be scared of the life-size Elmo, Big Bird and Abby?” After pondering for a few days, we finally took the plunge and decided to go ahead with the plan to bring Ashley to visit her favourite characters from Sesame Street. This turned out to be one of the best decision as what followed simply amazed Colin and I when we were at USS. As we walked into the empty New York street of USS towards Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor, it was just pure joy to see Ashley gushed out in excitement, “ELMO!” , “ABBY!”, “ERNIE!”. On seeing her excitement just seeing statues of her favourite characters, we knew we were in for a treat when she sees real life Sesame street characters responding to her.

USS     Empty New York Street

Being the first family to arrive, we had the luxury of having the first Sesame Street character, Grover, with us for quite someEmpty Restaurant time before the second family arrived. To our surprise, although Ashley never knew Grover on a personal level given that she watches Elmo 90% of the time, she was extremely friendly towards Grover and invited him to sit with her at the table. Sadly, I was exiled from my seat, so that Grover can sit with her! Seeing her interactions with Grover only set our mind at ease and we knew that she was enjoying herself to the extent that the breakfast was no longer a concern to her that morning. The characters who streamed in subsequently had Ashley equally captivated especially Elmo, whereby Ashley walked out to greet and hug without hesitation. Afterall, this came as no surprise given her adoration for Elmo.  What surprised us was her immediate connection with Oscar, given that she has not really watched any videos of Oscar up to that day. It was simply lovely to see her have fun with her favourite characters on Sesame Street even if the breakfast had meant just running after her (who was in turn running after her favourite Elmo) without eating much. It was worth the trip as long as she had a great time.

Grover01     Grover04

In a nutshell, I would say that the experience was great with Ashley having so much fun playing with her favourite monsters even though the breakfast spread was rather usual without much fancy (except the cupcakes with the Sesame Street character designs).

Food01     Food04     Food03

What was thoughtful of the USS service staff that we adored was that when the supervisor I supposed (also named Ashley!) overheard us telling our Ashley that the birthday song was for the other little girl and not her (as her birthday was the day before). They prepared a special ELMO-designed cupcake and sang Ashley a birthday song with Elmo sitting next to her. This must be the best birthday gift Ashley could ever receive this year, with her cuddling up to her favourite Elmo while eating her birthday cake.

Elmo08    Elmo09

Another thing that Ashley did that day to amaze us was her impromptu dance moves with The Cruisers outside Mel’s Diner.

mel01     mel02    mel03

Here are some of the happy moments we captured at USS that day.


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