Review: Mountek nGroove Snap+ (CD Slot Car Mount)

Before I purchase the Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount, I always wonder how many people really make use of the CD player in the car nowadays. There are many different shapes and sizes of car mounts that I have used previously but none is to my liking. Those that are mounted to the windscreen or dashboards would leave permanent markings after prolong usage, and those that are mounted at the air-con vent would block the cool air reaching me. This is going to be a simple and straightforward review as there is no technical specification involved. Either you like it or you don’t.

The Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount, as its name says so, is one that is attached onto the car CD player slot. You can then tighten it accordingly using the screw attached. It leaves no residue behind even after a long period of usage, especially if you were to park your car under the hot sun frequently. Placing and removing your devices from the Mountek Snap+ Mount is easy and quick as it makes use of magnets to hold your device to the mount. No additional effort is required!

In Action

You can place your device to your line of view simply by adjusting the ball head of the mount. According to Mountek, the Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount is able to hold devices up to the size of an iPhone 6+ or a Nexus 7. Personally, I have only placed my mobile phone (iPhone 5S and LG Optimus F5) on it. The magnet is strong enough to hold the phone sturdily in place even when driving across humps and uneven terrains.

The packaging is minimalist and eco-friendly. Inside the box, you will find the Mountek Snap+ Mount and 2 magnets. The magnets are pasted with 3M tapes, so it is convenient if you want to paste the magnet to your device. For me, I placed the magnets inside the case of my phones instead. The magnetic fields is able to penetrate through the case and hold my phone firmly to the mount. In summary, I am pleased with the Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount!

4 Comments  to  Review: Mountek nGroove Snap+ (CD Slot Car Mount)

  1. renton says:

    Hi, Mountek has come up with the AIRSNAP. aircon vent magnetic mount. Pretty cool as it leaves a distance between the air vent and the mount. Cold air could still come out instead of being entirely blocked by the mount. I am bringing this to Singapore as the authorised distributor for Mountek USA. Let me know if you are interested to test this out together with the new SNAP 3.

  2. Strike Alpha says:

    For safety reasons, a magnet typed car mount are not recommended for long drives and for the rough roads, It is better to use a fixed swivel based mounts.

    • colin says:

      Hi Strike Alpha,

      Thanks for the advice. The roads in my country is pretty well maintained, so it is alright to use magnetic mount. Do consider coming out with a swivel based mount that uses the cd slot too. There are customers like me who prefers to keep our windscreen free from markings from prolong mounting.

      I tried the Kenu aircon-vent mount before too but felt that it blocked too much wind from reaching the driver.

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