ESSO Synergy Fuel with Improved Formula & New Names

Starting from July 2015, ESSO has completed the face lift of its stations to enhance its customer experience and introduced the improved formula of its gasoline. The names and color codes of its petrol were also changed, and caused some confusion to the drivers. The red color petrol, which previously represented Synergy 5000 or Octane-95 equivalent, is now used to represent its Octane-98 petrol or also known as Synergy Supreme+. Below are the new names of the different grades of gasoline offered by ESSO.

ESSO Synergy NEW

The entry grade,  Octane-92 also known as (a.k.a) Synergy Regular, contains more additives that can help improve your fuel efficiency.

The intermediate grade which is commonly used by most drivers,  Octane-95 a.k.a Synergy Extra, now contains 20% more additives compared to Synergy Regular. ESSO’s premium grade, Octane-98 a.k.a Synergy Supreme+, will contain double the amount of additives than Synergy Regular.

Synergy Supreme Synergy Extra

Synergy Regular Synergy Diesel

In general, the new Synergy fuel formula produced using ESSO fuel technology will now include more additives to improve your engine performance and responsiveness.

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