Replace Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (SM-T700) Battery (EB-BT705FBE)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (SM-T700) has been one of my favorite gadget for the past year. If you are interested on its specifications, you may refer to my previous write-up. Lately, its battery charge became irregular and sometimes a full charge could only last me 1-2 hours instead of the usual 6-7 hours (subject to my personal usage).

As this tablet’s specifications is still quite decent compared to the current market offerings, I decided to proceed with operation “Tab S 8.4 Battery Replacement“. Do note that the warranty for my tablet is already over.

I headed over to eBay to grab a replacement battery (Model: EB-BT705FBE rated at 4900 mAh) which claimed to be authentic. The battery was shipped from Sweden and cost me approximately USD$16 with free shipping inclusive. The kit came with both the battery and the tools required to open the tablet’s housing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Battery Kit

OPERATION “Tab S 8.4 Battery Replacement

Step 01: Please remember to power off your tablet!

Step 02: Use the blue plastic picker to slide through the side of the screen to release the clips holding the back housing and the screen. When the back housing is removed, you would see the battery connected.

Release side clips 1     Release side clips 2

Step 03: As the original battery is pasted to the battery slot, you would need a little bit of strength. Please pull the battery as advised with the battery wrapping labelled “PULL (HANDS ONLY)”. When the battery is out, disconnect the battery from the mainboard.

Exposed back     Battery removed

Step 04: Place and adjust the replacement battery into the battery slot, and then connect the battery to the mainboard. Optional: You may wish to power on the tablet for verification before placing back the back housing.

Step 05: Fix the back housing back, and you are done! Operation “Tab S 8.4 Battery Replacement” successful!

Battery replacement completed

Hopefully, this new replacement battery can help bring back the glory days of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (SM-700).

Updated (15/11/15): For those who are facing flickering screen and followed by auto-reboot issue, the battery change seemed to have resolved this symptom.

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