Review: Step 2 Fresh Accents Kitchen

A kitchen set is a must-have for all children regardless of age and gender. We started noticing Ashley’s interest in cooking toys when she was attending Saturday lessons at Leap Schoolhouse prior to attending full day preschool. The Step 2 Fresh Accents Kitchen is not the first set of cooking play we have gotten for the little one. As with most parents, it is hard to make impulse buys of Step 2 Kitchen given the price tag in Singapore.

Step 2 Fresh Accents Kitchen

Hence, we started off with simple kitchen and supermarket toy sets sold at Baby Fairs and Kiddy Palace which cost us a quarter or less of a Step 2 Kitchen. However, quality does comes with a price as we soon see with the earlier toy sets we bought for Ashley. As opposed to the pictures of the toys shown on the packaging which appear sturdy and rather decent, it came as a dismay to us when one of the fridge door was made of flimsy plastic combined with what seemingly looked like a transparency slide in the middle and dysfunctional knobs for the cooking hob which had to be turned at a specific angle to work.

Therefore, we learnt our lesson the hard way by buying non-sturdy toy sets for Ashley which were not lasting and eventually ending up with the Step 2 Fresh Accents Kitchen from Amazon. Once again, purchasing off Amazon saves us the hassle of lugging the item home by ourselves on top of the savings we get.

Step 2 Fresh Accents Kitchen is a 30-piece accessory set kitchen perfect for any space. Equipped with accessories such as electronic phone, 10-pc play food set, pot and pan w/ lids, coffee pot with molded-in coffee maker, dishes, bowls, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers, the kitchen set also came with sounds for microwave, stove and phone; special frying pan and boiling pot with lid to activate electronic frying and boiling water sounds in stove’s front burner.

The kitchen set is child-friendly in that the kitchen is made of a sturdy material that would not easily topple like the cheaper kitchen and supermarket toy sets that we purchased prior to Step 2 and corners and doors of the kitchen are molded into round edges and smooth surfaces that will not easily cause scratches or cuts on the child.

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