Review: Gel Manicure and Pedicure at Casamia

It has been almost a year since I last went for manicure and pedicure services as they tend to not last beyond 2 weeks (yes,even for gel manicure).

And given the market price of classic gel mani/pedi, it makes it harder for me to spend over $100 bucks for gel mani and pedi that can only last for 2 weeks. Hence, I checked out groupon deals on mani/pedi services since they offer great deals with great customer service from time to time. I have to agree that purchasing mani/pedi deals off these deal websites are all about luck. I have had great experiences as well as mediocre experiences with manicurists who just wants to get it over and done with with the customers who purchased the groupon deals.

Casamia is one that I feel that regular walk-in customers do not differ from customers who were on groupon deals. Conveniently located at bugis cube (just across Bugis Junction), it has a nice and classy ambience which makes one feel relaxed throughout the session. Most importantly, I was amazed with the nail art templates that were displayed in the shop. Not only was the display of a wide variety, the designs were impressive as you can see the passion and skills of the manicurist.


Mabel was really patient and thorough in the entire session that left me with nothing but praises for her. She politely advised me on the condition of two of my toenails that had fungal infection which I had originally thought to be due to some form of accidental injury that I was unaware of. The rest of the session was nothing but enjoyable as you can see Mabel’s dedication as she painstakingly buffed my glittered tip gel nails as she repeatedly applied the coats of gelish (which is rare as she is the first manicurist who I have encountered who would bothered about leveling the glittered tip such that it could last longer without peeling). Last but not least, the prices at Casamia are reasonable for the additional services such as foot soak, nail hardener and glitter tip (I only had to top up $20).


Now I cannot wait to go back for my second session with Mabel before my August holidays to have my nails pampered again. Even Ashley exclaimed how pretty mummy’s nails looked after my session (although it might be slightly skewed given that it is her favorite pink colour with “bling bling” tips).


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