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I have been driving my K3 for slightly past 1.5 years and felt that it was time for a good IMG_7942clean-up. Surfing through Facebook, I came across EA Detailer and started reading the reviews by their customers. After procrastinating for a few weeks, I finally decided to contact them to arrange for an appointment. They were really responsive, and responded to my queries promptly even at wee hours like 11+ PM. Out of so many detailing providers out there, the main reason why I have chosen EA Detailer is due to their 3-Stage Interior Sanitisation with Anti-Pest Treatment. It is important to keep the car clean especially when you have a little kid. While you may try as much to minimise your little one from eating in the car, I will say it is impossible to prevent. Hence, it is inevitable that the car will have little bites and crumbs, and even regular vacuum will not be able to remove them fully. And the outcome is.. ? Little roaches will start to run across in the car!

I had a good impression when I arrived at the workshop. There was a parking lot assigned to me. While this may not be a big deal, it is through the small details and actions that they bother to take care of which will set out the differences. I was greeted warmly by Victor, and he proceeded to explain with patience on the processes that my car would be undergoing for the day. i.e: 3-Stage Exterior Glow and 3-Stage Interior Sanitisation with Anti-Pest Treatment. Then he proceeded to inspect the car conditions for existing damages and scratches (if any), and provided a report. Then together with Jackson, the Bay Manager, they checked on the existing gloss and lacquer thickness of the car paint. Personally, I felt this was good and could prevent any disputes in the event if there were any accidents subsequently.

IMG_7862     IMG_7877     IMG_7907

IMG_7894     IMG_7924     IMG_7938

So what does the 3-Stage Exterior Glow comprise of and does it really shine? I believe the photos below can answer this question without a single doubt.

1. Jet Wash, followed by Foam Washing to remove dust and general dirt.

IMG_8047     IMG_8078     IMG_8105

2. Claying to remove contaminants from the surface before “rinsing” the car. I am already seeing some shine restored.

IMG_8090     IMG_8102     IMG_8130

3. Compound Polishing (Another 3 stages!) using products from KochChemie® to restore the shine of the car paint. Can you spot the differences under the light? They are indeed making a difference.

IMG_8213     IMG_8235     IMG_8214

For compound polishing, Jackson and team started with the “Heavy Cut”, followed by “Finest” and end off with “Shine” before the application of the Nano-Sealant. Most of the water marks and swirl marks are removed. Kudos to the team who spent so much effort buffering. Under local weather, the protection of the sealant should be able to last approximately 2-3 months. If you are one who is particular about the shine on your ride, you may consider Diamondbrite Foundation Coating (Up to 6 Years durability) or Titanium Glass Coating (Up to 3 Years durability). Apart from the above mentioned, EA Detailer also included Tyre and Rim Shine, and Engine Bay Cleaning as part of the exterior detailing package. Something to note is that for Engine Bay Cleaning, EA Detailer does not use water nor air hose which could damage the electrical components/wirings. Instead, they use brush and products by KochChemie® to clean by hand! KochChemie® has been providing high-quality cleaning and car care products since 1968, and their products have been endorsed by Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz), BMW AG, Audi AG and etc.

IMG_8334     IMG_8359     IMG_8360

I must say I was completely amazed with the outcome. Every single detail was taken care of. In fact, I felt that the shine now is better than when I first collected my car. What else can I ask for?

Moving on, let me share with you on the interior detailing. This was also the part where I was most concerned with as our family would spend at least an hour commuting daily.

For the 3-Stage Interior Sanitisation with Anti-Pest Treatment, it includes the following:

1. Bio-Fumigation to get rid of roaches and pests. The fume used were from plant extraction, non-toxic, biodegradable and digestible. My car was really smoked out! Careful inspection was conducted after 30 minutes. As I mentioned earlier, I tried to reduce the number of food intakes in the car but.. you still cannot defeat the roaches from infesting. But you can now make a difference! No more 打不死的小强 (the unbeatable roaches).

IMG_7966     IMG_8006     IMG_8014

IMG_8162     IMG_8158     IMG_8166

2. Sanitisation will include a full wipe down of the car interior using Magna WONDER KLEEN, followed by spraying Magna VIRAL-RID air freshener. They have a 99.9999% kill efficacy and comes with lavender fragrance. The products used are certified by Singapore General Hospital to be effective for use as disinfectant spray.

IMG_8584     IMG_8586     IMG_20160626_141549

3. Ozonic Treatment will permanently destroy the existing odours (or mold) in the car, and create a pleasant scent. No chemical is used in this process.

Leather and Dashboard Treatment, and in-depth Vacuuming is also conducted as part of my package. The KochChemie® MultiInteriorCleaner used for the leather treatment is non-oily based, and does not damage the leather. You may also consider topping up for Steam Cleaning for a thorough removal of dust mites and stains found on fabric wrapped areas such as the roof. Leather seats will also undergo mild steaming to soften the leather condition. The steam emitted is approximately 65°C and should not damage the interior.

IMG_8442     IMG_8368     IMG_8421

After the completing the detailing of both the exterior and interior, my car was driven into the showroom for the final touch up before inspection by me! Jackson was very kind to demonstrate to me their new service – EAD BBTeam 360° Sanitisation. The baby car seat will first undergo steam cleaning before vacuumed, and ending off with a full wipe down using the Magna VIRAL-RID.

IMG_8593     IMG_8608     IMG_8622

And the outcome is shocking! Look at the brand new micro fibre cloth. From naked eyes, I really cannot see any dirt.


Victor once again ran through what had been performed, did some final touch-up and showed me all the fine details taken care of. He then used a white gloves with his fingers running through the various parts of the car to demonstrate the effort they had spent detailing my car. I must say that the team are really dedicated and not many will have the guts to perform this demo. I also conducted a water beading experiment to test if the nano-sealant is effective.

IMG_8632     IMG_8645     IMG_8649

IMG_8652     IMG_8654     IMG_8655

Another satisfied customer of EA Detailer. Thank you to the team @ EA Detailer.

IMG_8579     IMG_8660     KIA K3 @ EA Detailer

Off to pick up my family for dinner!


* The detailing service was complimentary in return for the review to be conducted. No other compensation was provided.

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  1. Melvin says:

    How much does it cost for the above process?

    • Colin says:

      It will be good if you could drop EA Detailers a Facebook message to get the pricing, as prices are subject to change over time. 🙂

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