Review: The Ballet and Music Company (Eastpoint)

We first noticed Ashley’s love for music and dance when she attended weekend classes at LeapSchoolHouse. Not a big advocate of stressing the little one with education at a young age, we enrolled her for weekend classes with LeapSchoolHouse which conducts one hour class comprising of gym, story telling, singing and dancing when she turned 1 year.


Seeing her sing and dance every time the music starts playing is nothing but pure enjoyment (I guess all parents are alike when they see their little ones enjoy what they do). Hence, we wasted no time in enrollig her with The Ballet and Music Company once she turned 2 and a half years old (Note: different schools have different age restrictions with some starting at 2.5 years old and some at 3 years of age).

Some points for consideration prior to enrolling your little one for weekend classes:

1. Time of class (Ashley attended the trial class at the Tampines One outlet which starts at 9am which was way too early for her and not surprisingly, she was clingy during the trial class).

2. Location of the school (Plan ahead as if this is her school for years to come. If the school is too far, parents and kid will have to spend more time traveling than the actual class itself).

As we were unsure how long Ashley’s dancing interest would last, we decided to sign up for the trial class with The Ballet and Music Company at Tampines One. There were 2 major reasons that we did not sign Ashley up for the regular Creative Dance classes at the Tampines One branch; (1) I did not like the idea of the parents having to stay in the class with the kids for the 1st term of class until the kids settled in which the teacher  recommended as I am worried Ashley would expect me to be there all the time if I were to stay on for all lessons during the first term and (2) the timing of the class was way too early for Ashley and she would have to wake up at 7.30am on a weekend.

Hence, we were glad when we saw that there is a new branch up and coming at EastPoint. When it first became operational, we signed Ashley up for yet another trial class to see how she interacted with the teacher since she was extremely clingy during the trial class at Tampines One. From my earlier experience, I was actually prepared to stay with Ashley for the first few lessons of the term but what surprised me was that Teacher Jenna encouraged me to leave the room after 5 minutes into the first lesson on the pretext of going to the toilet. Taking her advice, I left the class shortly and waited outside the class, peeping in to check on Ashley for the rest of the lesson. To our pleasant surprise, not only did Ashley had fun in the class, she did not exhibit any bit of  separation anxiety as she did at the previous trial class. Following that, she is always looking forward for her Sunday lessons with Teacher Jenna. With that, in just a blink of the eye, she has crossed into her first year of her ballet journey and we cannot wait to see her progress further into the years to come (hopefully).

Little ballerina getting ready for class

Attending Ashley’s first open class

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