Review: Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump

After being served well by Medela PISA double breast pump for providing Ashley with breast milk, I went with the decision to get the same model for my breastfeeding journey with Kingsley. No doubt Medela PISA is as effective in clearing engorged breasts this time round, I would like to highlight another breast pump for the consideration of mummies-to-be.

Prior to conception, I have signed up with the S-PRESTO clinical study jointly organized by KKH, NUS and SICS of ASTAR and NUHS which aims to study how a woman’s health, nutritional status and mental state before pregnancy will influence their subsequent pregnancy outcomes. One of the post-delivery samples they required for the clinical trial was to collect the mother’s breast milk. As they needed to process and freeze down the milk samples upon collection, the clinical trial coordinator brought along their Ameda Breast Pump for the collection of fresh breast milk.

The model of Ameda Breast Pump that they are using for the clinical trial is Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump. It is a closed-system, single-user pump intended to assist mothers to safely and effectively express and store her milk. On comparison to my Medela PISA pump, I find the strength and speed comparable and I am able to express almost the same amount of breast milk within the same timeframe (although there had been feedbacks that the strength is not as strong as that of PISA). However, what really drew me in is the size and weight of the pump. It is much lighter and smaller than the Medela Pisa and the clinical trial coordinator shared that the accessories for the Ameda pump are compatible with several models of breast pumps for Spectra and Avent. A downside to the Ameda pump is that although it is a sister brand of Medela, their accessories are not compatible. However, for mummies-to-be who are looking at portable breast pumps, this can be something that you can consider.

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