Review: BabiesBellies Postnatal Jamu Massage

As promised earlier, this is a follow-up review from my prenatal massage on my experience with BabiesBellies on their postnatal jamu massage. Given that I have undergone elective Caesarean section this time round, I can only opt for the basic postnatal massage package offered by BabiesBellies as the classic packages include Ganggang which is a traditional vaginal treatment which helps to reduce excessive vaginal discharge, eliminating unpleasant smell and help to fragrant the sensitive area.

As usual, Ally was fast in responding when I informed her of my delivery and Maria, her manager was prompt in contacting me on the appropriate time to commence my postnatal massage which is at least 3 weeks post-delivery for mummies who have undergone Caesarean section. Mdm Zainab, a senior therapist was assigned for my postnatal massages and despite her busy schedule, she always tried her best to arrange for earlier slots upon availability.

For the home-based postnatal massage, you would need to prepare the following, 2 bath towels, 1 face towel and a bedsheet/cloth big enough to cover your bed (in the event the oil gets spilled on your bed) prior to the massage. The massages were generally relaxing and I fell asleep for several of the sessions (due to the lack of sleep with the pumping sessions at night). Most importantly, Mdm Zainab relieved me of the backpain I had been suffering pre-delivery after 3 sessions. Furthermore, with the purchase of 7/10 days postnatal massage, a complimentary baby massage is included. See photo below for Baby Kingsley’s first massage experience.

If there is anything that can be improved, it would be to schedule for earlier sessions in the first part of the day such that I could have the bengkung wrap for longer hours. However, as mentioned, it is understandable from the popularity of Babiesbellies that the wide customer base made it tight on the schedule of their therapists. Nevertheless, the experience had been pleasant in the 7 days massage sessions with Mdm Zainab.

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