Review: Spectra 9+ Double Breast Pump

For mummies on the go, I want to recommend the Spectra 9+ double breast pump. Having gone through the experience of lugging the heavy and bulky Medela PISA out during Ashley’s time, the thought of doing it once more dreads me. I first got to know of Spectra 9+ through a colleague who showed me how light the pump was and then on, the thought of purchasing it has been lingering on my mind even before Kingsley was delivered.

Purchasing a second pump for outdoor use might be costly to many but for Spectra 9+, one can opt to purchase the Korea set from Qoo10 which easily cost less than $150. I purchased my Spectra 9+ off Qoo10 at less than $110 with shipping which is a good buy for a double breast pump. A full charge of Spectra 9+ can last for 3 pump sessions of 15 – 20 minutes each. On comparison to my Medela PISA, Spectra 9+ is more efficient in emptying my breasts. For example, it took me 30 min to pump using Medela PISA whereas it took a mere 15-20 min for Spectra 9+ to achieve the same volume of expressed breastmilk. However, one has to take note that during the start of the pump session to adjust the suction power of the breast pump to the lowest power as the higher suction power from the previous pump session might cause pain to your breasts which have yet to acclimatized to the high suction power. In a short note, Spectra 9+ is an efficient portable breast pump that mummies can consider for on-the-go purposes, particularly for mummies who do not want to lug heavy breast pumps out with them to work on a daily basis.

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  1. Liit says:


    I’ve been to several baby fairs and found that Spectra 9+ is quite expensive. I checked qoo10 and they sell it 50% off the retail price. The reviews seems nice however it says that manual is in Korean. Do I really need the manual?

    • belle says:

      I used the korean set from qoo10 and did not have the manual. It is simple to use and you can easily know how to use it from youtube videos

  2. Selena says:

    Hi! The korea set, did it come with an adapter for Sg use or can I use the S1 adapter to charge the 9+?

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