Ashley’s 1st Overseas Performance with Jody Marshall Dance Company in Hong Kong

It has been ages since I have updated about Ashley’s dance curriculum and this makes an excellent opportunity for me to share on her dance journey thus far. Since mid last year, we have switched Ashley to Jody Marshall Dance Company (JMDC) as we realised that she was not learning much from her previous dance school which operated more like a multi-chain school which does not demonstrate dedication to individual students’ need. In May this year, she joined the JMDC 6 and under dance troupe upon completion of her TTA exam and the first item that caught our eye for their events in 2018 was he year end performance in Hong Kong Disneyland. Of no surprise, Ashley showed no hesitation in wanting to participate in the event when we asked her and went through months of training with her fellow JMDC dance mates for this Hong Kong trip.

After months of hard work from all the kids in JMDC, we finally set off on 6th December 2018 for their Hong Kong dance journey. Despite an early flight out at 7.40am, the kids were all bright and cheery on the day of departure (Daddy Colin is absent from the group photos as he readily stepped up to the role of the official photographer to capture the beautiful moments of the trip).

Departing early morning for HK

Besides the performance line-up, the kids had the opportunity to attend a dance workshop in Island Dance DB Ballet School located in Club Siena Discovery Bay on our 2nd day in Hong Kong before their first performance in the piazza of K11 mall that afternoon. Despite waking up for two early mornings in a row, there was no sign of crankiness from our little princess and she completed a beautiful rendition of the Christmas dance medley choreographed by Miss Jeanette with her fellow troupe friends.

Junior class in Island Dance

Photos with the teachers at Island Dance

First performance at K11

Their energy was kept alive as they continued on their next performance lineup in Ocean Park on the third day. Despite having a small demarcated area for their performance, they put on their best as they entertained the Ocean Park visitors on a busy Saturday morning with their bright smiles and amazing dance (with Ocean Park management complimenting their performance as one of the best they had from guest performers).

2nd performance at Ocean Park

Fun time after the performance

On the fourth day of their Hong Kong adventure, it was their long awaited performance at Disneyland Hong Kong, the happiest place on earth. Waking up at 5-6am for the past 4 mornings did not drain them at all. Instead, they put on their biggest smiles and danced all the way along Main Street U.S.A in Disneyland Hong Kong on the coldest day in weeks with passing showers at 15 degree Celsius. What makes the JMDC parents even prouder was that the kids made an impression with their performance and that Disneyland Hong Kong extended their invitation for them to return next year for yet another performance.

Highlight of the trip!

Ashley dancing in the pre-parade

Family photo at Disneyland

As a new parent on the JMDC troupe family, we were blessed to have great traveling companions who helped us one way or another especially with one 12 month old toddler in tow. We hope Ashley’s passion in dance will continue to develop and grow and that she will not lose the enthusiasm she has in her dance.

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