It’s a wrap for 2018!

Today is the start of a brand new year and I have managed to steal a few moments to sit down and compile some of the highlights we had in 2018.

Work wise, the past one year has been kind to us with Colin and I achieving new heights and pursuing new direction in our careers respectively. With Colin swamped in work, I was lucky to have the opportunity to have a change in environment to not only learn new things but to also devote more time to the 2 cheeky little babies at home.

Switching gear to the little ones, nothing delights us more than seeing the growth of the sibling bond between Ashley and Kingsley and we hope this bond will continue to grow stronger as they grow up and even grow old. Here are some sneak peeks of the little ones together.

Kingsley at 1 month with Ashley

Kingsley at 6 months in Aussie with Ashley

Kingsley at 12 months with Ashley

Kingsley at 13 months with Ashley

Individually, our little princess has far exceeded our expectations this year, starting from passing her first CSTD grade exam with Distinction to participating in her first GTB, CSTD and Asian Arts dance competitions with her fellow troupe members in Jody Marshall Dance Company followed by wrapping up the year with her first overseas performance trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Furthermore, she surprised us by stepping up gracefully to the role of one of the emcees in her preschool concert despite being a last minute request from her teachers. No words can describe our pride and joy in sitting among the audience watching her perform with her brightest smile knowing that she is happy in doing what she loves.

Her TTA exam in JMDC

Her first GTB competition

Her first Asia Arts Festival

Her first CSTD competition

Ashley dancing in Disneyland HK

Last but not least to our littlest one in the family, Kingsley has achieved his milestones in a different way to that of big sister Ashley. He has surprised us in the last year with his ability to being Mr Congeniality (smiling at everyone he comes across) to being Mr Mischievous (climbing out of his walker and high chair even when belted) and we look forward to uncovering more of his “hidden talents” in the coming years as he grows up.

Kingsley at 3 months

Kingsley at 6 months

Kingsley at 9 months

Kingsley at 12 months

Kingsley at 13 months

It only seems like yesterday that we celebrated the start of 2018 and in a blink of an eye, we have crossed into yet another new year bringing memories in 2018 with us into the future. And as the saying goes, “Time flies but memories last forever” and this makes it the perfect time for me to pen down the highlights of 2018 for us to remember by in the many years to come.

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