Launch of Dynaflex Technology by Shell – Most Advanced Fuel Solution

Have you topped up your fuel tank with the latest fuel formulation from Shell? After more than five years of extensive research and development, Shell had launched its most advanced and innovative fuel formulation in Singapore on 10 Apr 19. Drivers in Singapore are now able to enjoy the new range of Shell FuelSave and Shell V-Power fuels with Dynaflex Technology!

We are happy to be invited to witness the launch in Singapore, and to hear directly from some of the scientists involved in the research. More than 250 cars were used, covering over 3 million kilometres, for testing globally. Dynaflex Technology focuses on engine efficiency and is developed to handle the modern engines, which are shrinking in sizes but yet running under ever increasing challenging environments. The new Shell fuels will help driver keep their engine clean and protected for an efficient drive. 

Two key concerns with modern engines shared by Shell scientists, Kay Wu and Andreas Schaefer, were friction and dirt. They resulted in reduced performance and efficiency for your vehicle. The new Shell Dynaflex Technology will tackle these issues with new friction modification technology and power deposit control additives.

The New Shell Fuel Fomulation

Shell FuelSave 95 & 98 with Dynaflex Technology contains 20% more friction-reducing molecules which help to reduce energy waste from heat. In addition, the cleaning molecules helps to remove dirt deposits and forms a protective layer over key areas within the engine.

Shell V-Power with Dynaflex Technology, which are endorsed for use by BMW M-series vehicles and recommended by Ferrari, is boosted with three times more cleaning and friction-reducing molecules compared to FuelSave petrol, and helps to remove up to 80% of deposits. 

Shell FuelSave Disel with Dynaflex Tchnology cleans up the injector deposits and minimises build-up to improve engine efficiency and provide better fuel economy. 

During the event, both Kay and Andreas also gave an in-depth sharing and demonstrations on key challenges that they encountered and finally how their hard work with fellow scientists eventually made the breakthrough!


I would say that the event team did a very good job to engage their guests. There were different booths set up to allow the guests to use their different senses to “feel and taste” the effects of Dynaflex Technology. Sharing with you some of the event photos taken. 



Do head down the your nearest Shell stations to try the new Shell fuels with Dynaflex Technology for a smoother drive and cleaner engine. 

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