Family Photoshoot with Face SG

It has been almost one and a half years since Kingsley’s newborn photoshoot with Studio Memories and we decided it is time to have another family photoshoot before he turns 18 months. Well, as much as we wanted to be fair in letting the kids have photoshoot at the same age (Ashley has her first photoshoot at 8 months with StudioPlay), it proved as a challenge as (1) we wanted Ashley to have a photoshoot with Kingsley when he is a newborn and (2) Kingsley’s eczema condition was quite serious up till recently that he could be off mittens for most parts of the day.

As with all the previous photoshoots, we went hunting for a photography studio in the baby fair as it usually would have the best deals housed in one location given the competition and this time round we decided to go with Face SG family photography studio. If there is anything distinctly different for Face SG, it would be the use of home theme setups for their photo backgrounds and the reason for being our choice this photoshoot. 

For the package we signed up in the fair, we  were given the choice of 2 themed backgrounds and a white background for the 1 hour photography. On the day of the photoshoot, the photographer showed us their in-house themed backgrounds for selection (these could also be found on their Facebook page) and our little princess chose the Sakura Pink Blossom theme without any hesitation.

Sakura Pink Blossom

As our day of photoshoot coincided with yet another baby fair, there was only the photographer on site which is a different experience we had at Studio Memories in which there was always someone to help out the photographer even on days of baby fair. Moving on to the actual photoshoot, it was very different from the previous photoshoots in that we have a cheeky little toddler who couldn’t keep still in one frame and always trying to “run away”.  Also, there was much lesser of photographer teaching and refining the poses and everything was much more spontaneous. To be honest, I was worried that the photos might not turn out well as I could see Ashley squeezing Kingsley as she hugged him and feel the kids squashing against me on some of the shots. Surprisingly, things weren’t as bad as I think and the photos were quite nice and to our liking particularly those of the 2 little ones. If there is anything that I would give kudos to Face SG would be their incredible speed in getting the photos ready for viewing that it merely took them 2.5 working days and we were able to view our photos on the following Wednesday after our photoshoot on Saturday.

Here are more photos from our latest photoshoot with Face SG.

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