SIC: Salt Water Supercars by Shell [Ready. Salt. GO!]

Shell Singapore has been bringing in collectable cars over the years if you can remember. In line with the recent launch of Shell Dynaflex Technology, Shell has launched its most advanced Salt Water Supercars collectables. You can get them from now till 30 June 2019 at any Shell stations.

The Shell Salt Water Supercars are fitted with electric engines powered by salt water, and are available in four designs – (1) Lightning, (2) Fireball, (3) Sunchaser, and (4) Shadow. Lightning and Fireball are currently on sale, while Sunchaser and Shadow would be available from 15 May 2019 onwards. Amongst all, the Sunchaser is my favourite while Fireball is Ashley’s. Playing these Salt Water Supercars allow me to share with Ashley on the alternate sources of energy generated through salt water, as well as wind and solar energy. They are definitely educational for young children. The only downside with using salt water is the limited amount of play time. Luckily, our set came with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Otherwise, I would have had a hard time coaxing the kiddos! Apart from the Salt Water Supercars, you can also let your imagination run wild with building the race tracks. The tracks are made of Bagasse, which is 100% biodegradable material derived from the fibres of sugar cane. Unfortunately, we only have time for a simple one today but that doesn’t stop the laughter of the kids going on and on.



For information: With every $60 spent at any Shell station from 1 May 2019 to 30 June 2019, you can purchase each Salt Water Supercar at $5 or redeemed it free with 150 Shell Escape points. The Sugar Cane Racetrack and Lithium-ion batteries (which I would recommend you to get 4 sets each for maximum entertainment) would cost you $8 and $5 respectively without any spending requirement. *For Shell Escape Riders Cardmembers, you are able to purchase the Salt Water Supercars with every $10 spent.

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