About Us

We are a fun-loving couple who got to know one another in our junior college days. It was then in Jan 2001. And on 12 Feb 2011, we finally tied the knot and joined in matrimony. It is our wish to visit and explore every niche on earth with our children and even grandchildren in our lifetime as we believe family is the precious asset one could ever have in their lives.


Daddy Colin

I completed my Bachelor degree from National University of Singapore earlier in 2009 and majored in Computing (Information Systems).  I enjoy fiddling with gadgets ranging from notebooks, PC hardware, routers, NAS, smartphones and the list goes on. Therefore, if you like your products to be reviewed or shared by me, you can drop me an email (reviews@cozylittlehaven.net) for further discussion.


Mummy Annabelle

I completed my Doctorate degree from National University of Singapore in 2012. Although this may make me seem like I belong to the academia, I am far from that. I do not belong to the boring and dull that most people perceived of postgraduates. I love fun as much as any ordinary being and often over-indulged in media entertainment, being caught up with dramas, movies, concerts that some friends joked that I am a double PhD holder, alternating between Microbiology and watching drama. In addition, I love to travel around and eat good food thus the idea to start a food trail section in our blog to share with you some of the restaurants we have visited. Currently, my one and only focus is our little angel, Ashley as you would see that most of the reviews done by me would be on products relating to our precious little one. I hope that these reviews on baby products would help first-time mummies like me have a headstart on what to prepare for the arrival of their little bundles of joy.