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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note II (LTE) – GT-N7105

Finally, I managed to get my hands onto the new Samsung Galaxy Note II (LTE) after quite a wait for the re-stocking to take place where it went out-of-stock islandwide. Even though the demands during the launch was less crazier compared to Apple iPhone5, supply was pretty low and resulted in many failing to get one. The phone is available in white and titantium color casing, and I chose the white color version. My first impression of the Note II upon powering it on was that the usage was smooth and snappy. This is likely due to the quad-core CPU that is running this device. Installing apps was a breeze, and even loading GPS application such as Sygics was fast. The super AMOLED screen was indeed crisp and sharp, and made viewing of pictures and videos a fantastic experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note II (LTE)

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Review: ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band N900 Gigabit Wireless Router

This was a long overdue post as I had been using the ASUS RT-N66U for the past 6 months. Overall experience is great, especially for the wireless receptivity as this router is running on dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) with 3 base antennas. Never once did I have to restart the router due to slowness of any form, with the exception of firmware upgrade. Below is the screen shot of the router’s running time since the last firmware upgrade to version

ASUS RT-N66U Admin Page

For the good of those who are connected to M1 Fibre broadband using FW with the below setup (VLAN-enabled), you have to disable HW Accelerator (Go to LAN –> Switch Control) in order to direct your web traffic correctly.

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SA Research Style!

Ever wonder how a research lab looks like? Or what how do researchers look like when they let their hair down?

Here’s the answer: SA Research Style!

Proudly brought to you by SA Lab @ NUS Microbiology.

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Amazon Black Friday 2012 Coming Soon!

The annual Black Friday is nearing. It will be held on 21 Nov 2012 (GMT -7), which is 21 Nov 2012 4 PM Singapore time. Starting from today, Amazon will begin offering deals while counting down to Black Friday week. If you are worried of missing the date, you can refer to the counter on the right menu in Amazon’s site. Hit the banner below and get directly to the Black Friday deal page. Remember to bookmark!

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Google Nexus Series Released!

The Google event on 29th Oct was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy approaching. However, that did not stop Google from releasing 2 new devices and bringing to the total number of current models of Nexus devices to 3. Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 were released while Nexus 7 was upgraded. Google sure knows how to pamper its partners. Nexus 4 is produced by LG, Nexus 7 by ASUS and Nexus 10 by Samsung. Not only does Google provide Android OS to its partners, Google is now opening up markets and providing hardware deals to them. Will there be more Nexus devices coming around later during Christmas period?

Google Nexus Family

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