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ESSO Synergy Fuel with Improved Formula & New Names

Starting from July 2015, ESSO has completed the face lift of its stations to enhance its customer experience and introduced the improved formula of its gasoline. The names and color codes of its petrol were also changed, and caused some confusion to the drivers. The red color petrol, which previously represented Synergy 5000 or Octane-95 equivalent, is now used to represent its Octane-98 petrol or also known as Synergy Supreme+. Below are the new names of the different grades of gasoline offered by ESSO.

ESSO Synergy NEW

The entry grade,  Octane-92 also known as (a.k.a) Synergy Regular, contains more additives that can help improve your fuel efficiency.

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Amazon Prime Day (15 July) – 20th Birthday!

Amazon is turning 20th this year on 15 July (midnight PST). To commemorate this day, Amazon will be bringing “Prime Day” to us. New deals will be introduced throughout the day at every 10 minutes, and are said to be better than the annual Black Friday. Deals are not limited to IT gadgets, and you can enjoy exclusive deals from clothing, toys, cosmetics and more. However, “Prime Day” is limited to new and existing Prime members only! Hit on the link below to sign up for your FREE 30-days Amazon Prime trial.

More details can be found here to better understand what Amazon Prime has to offer.

Fuel Saving Facts & Fictions (Compiled by Shell)

Shell FuelsaveI have been repeatedly hearing the advertisement by Shell on fuel saving lately on the radio, so I am pretty curious to find out what it is all about and whether I am doing the right things.

As the pump prices have been constantly rebounding by the all-time low in 2014 since the economic crisis in 2008, drivers do need to monitor their driving patterns and habits and try to maximise every dollar spent on petrol.

These were the top 5 habits commonly practised by the 1000 drivers polled by Shell between Dec 2014 to Jan 2015. Quite surprised with some of the habits that are practised by fellow drivers. Time to kick off those so-called tips that do not help you and save some $$. There are definitely more funny habits that somehow we still practise even though it does not help at all to save fuel. Trends of petrol prices moving north is nearing again.

  •  Driving slowly all the time (92%)

Colin: Cruising at higher speed definitely consumes lesser petrol than driving slowly. Plus, you get to your destination faster! However, do abide by the speed limit and drive safely.

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Deals: FairPrice Online Free Delivery

To celebrate Mother’s Day, NTUC has decided to provide free delivery for purchases above $60 in a single order made from its FairPrice Online store. The promotion code shown below is valid till 10 May 15, 11.59PM.


Are Petrol Prices in Singapore pegged to Crude Oil Prices?

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After the announcement of Budget 2015, petrol companies were prompt in implementing the new petrol duty tax. Petrol duty tax for premium grade petrol (98-Octane) increased 20 cents to 64 cents, while intermediate grade petrol (92-Octane & 95-Octane) increased 15 cents to 56 cents. Since then, there was much debate on whether the companies were profiteering as some of the companies raised the pump prices in excess of the hike from the petrol duty tax.

In March 2015, I was honoured to be invited by MediaCorp producers to attend “Talking Point” to give my personal views as both a driver and a consumer. If you have missed this episode, you can head to Toogle and watch the recorded version. During the commercial break discussion with an oil industry veteran (Mr. Ong Eng Tong), I finally understood the background as to why the petrol prices in Singapore are priced similarly across the different companies. He shared much on the common business practices of the petrol industries. In summary, it is similar to how the telcos in Singapore operate and that is by sharing key infrastructures. Another key lesson learnt for myself is the understandings of the different petrol grades. Since that day onward, I decided to pump 95-Octane for my newly purchased car instead of 98-Octane. After trying out a few full tanks of 95-Octane petrol, I concluded that Octane level did not have relationship with the fuel consumption on my Kia Forte K3. Lastly, Mr. Ong also shared during the show on the different components that determines the pump prices as below:

Petrol Price Composition

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