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Studio Memories Maternity Photoshoot

Being a second time mum, the idea of capturing my preggie moments with Ashley has been in my thoughts during the early stages of pregnancy. From the many choices of studios providing maternity photoshoot packages, it can be difficult to sieve through the list to find one that fits the budget and yet meets one’s expectation of photographer’s skill. Ultimately, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that cannot be repeated.

Studio Memories has been one of the studios recommended by one of the November mummies. Although having had Ashley’s photography done earlier by StudioPlay, we were not keen in repeating the experience as we were getting bored after seeing many babies repeatedly having the same backdrops and poses. However, as I was browsing through the different studios offering maternity photoshoot packages, it got harder to settle on a specific studio given the selection of studios out there. Hence, the best way to get it settled once and for all is to head down to a baby fair, gather all information on the available studios and decided the studio there and then.

The reason for engaging Studio Memories stemmed from the attractive package being offered in the baby fair which encompasses both maternity and newborn photoshoot at just $248. Furthermore, with prior knowledge of some of the works by Studio Memories with recommendation from a fellow November mummy, it facilitated in our decision making to go with Studio Memories for my maternity and newborn photoshoot.

Karyn has been particularly prompt at replying to my queries following up to the actual photography session and helpful at my endless questions on the backdrops and maternity wear available on site. On the day of the photoshoot, we had a fun loving photographer, Edmund, who was always cracking jokes to break the ice with my girl, making the session enjoyable and fun.

Besides having fun during the photography session, I am sure many of the mummies would agree with me that they hope to capture beautiful moments of their baby bump without looking like a clumsy hippo. Surprisingly, the photos turned out really nice and I did not look like a clumsy mummy hippo beside my little princess thanks to Edmund’s photography skills. Here is a sneak peek into some of the photos we had taken for the maternity photoshoot and now I cannot wait to bring Kingsley for his newborn photoshoot with Studio Memories.


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Ashley’s Photoshoot with StudioPlay

It’s been a pretty long while since I have time to sit down to write a blog post. So, here are the long-awaited photos Ashley took with StudioPlay when she was 7 months old (so yes indeed, these photos are dated almost 9 months back!). Ever since I was pregnant with Ashley, I was always having fun browsing through photos of my friends’ babies on Facebook and yes, StudioPlay was one baby photo studio that I set my mind on when I was like 6-7 months preggie. I was amazed by the pretty baby photos done by StudioPlay and their cute props in their studio that I wasted no time in signing up with them at the baby fair. So here are some of my favorite shots of Ashley and our family photo done by StudioPlay.


Our family portrait!

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Baby Ashley’s 3 month-old photoshoot @ Venus D’Wedding

Earlier, Colin has shared with you our little darling’s swimming experience at BabySpa. In that post, he mentioned a complimentary table top photo which came together with the swimming package we got for Ashley. Being like any other excited first-time parents, we wasted no time in bringing Ashley for her first studio shoot when she turned 3 months. That’s when we realized that it is not easy to do a photo shoot for the little angel. Although she is a active and happy baby, it proved challenging to capture her smiles and action in just one shot. Nevertheless, we were glad that the photographer tried his best to capture her cutest moments in still shots. As usual, it was a tough decision to select just one photo for the photo frame and thrash the rest into the recycle bin. Therefore, we decided to top up for an additional of 5 photos for our little angel and our rationale, as any parent would have was, ” She’ll only be 3 months old once!” We were really glad we did the top up when we received the photos yesterday as we were satisfied with the quality of the photo shoot. Here’s a peek into the outcome of Baby Ashley’s 3 month old photo shoot  at Venus D’ Wedding.

Ashley Under The Towel     Ashley!

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