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Review: Medela Value Pack Bpa-free Feeding Gift Set : New Wide Base Nipple

This is definitely one  accessory worth adding to your breastfeeding experience. Ever since I delivered my little angel, Ashley in early January this year, I have been faithfully breastfeeding her for the attributed health benefits. Besides letting her latch on to me directly, I have been actively pumping at a regular basis to boost my milk supply and thus the heavy demand for storage solutions. Therefore, I have purchased Medela Value Pack Bpa-free Feeding Gift Set : New Wide Base Nipple. This is a useful breastfeeding set that I have purchased to solve my breastmilk storage problems as it contains not only milk bottles of two different sizes, 80ml and 150ml, it also includes 20 Pump & Save Breastmilk storage bags that is compatible with Medela breastpumps. Now, I do not have to worry to rush to wash and sterilize the milk bottles every time Ashley finishes her milk or prolonging the time interval to pump due to insufficient storage space.


Review: Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump

For the optimal growth,development and health of your child, WHO and HPB has been actively promoting exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby’s life. As a first-time mum, I know exactly of the anxieties and uncertainties about breastfeeding that other mums may have during pregnancy and the first few weeks of their little one’s life including questions revolving, “Will my baby know how to latch on for feeding?” or ” Will I have sufficient milk supply for my baby?”.

Although I was apprehensive about the thought of exclusive breastfeeding, breastfeeding can have many benefits tagged to it if done correctly, for both baby and mummy.

Firstly, breastfeeding is best for our baby for the following reasons, (1) the close body contact and interaction creates a special bond between us and our baby, (2) our breast milk contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients for our baby’s complete growth and development, (3) antibodies in our breast milk provide immunity for our baby, reducing their risk of intestinal, ear and respiratory infections and (4) our breast milk is suited for our baby and will make them less likely to develop stomach upsets, constipation and diarrhoea.

Furthermore, breastfeeding does have many benefits for mums like me as well, for example, (1) early suckling have been shown to help our womb contract thus reducing blood loss after child birth, (2) it delays the return of our menstrual period and thus acts as a natural although imperfect contraceptive, (3) we burn calories during breastfeeding and this helps to shed the weight gained during our pregnancy and (4) our risk of developing breast, ovarian and womb cancers are lowered.

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Review: Capella S705-2012 (Red) Stroller

Stroller is a necessity item for all parents when you bring your baby out. Otherwise, your baby will not be able to rest properly when they feel tired. While the baby is sitting in the stroller, parents will tend to want to monitor their baby. However, most strollers are unable to do so, as it is only forward-facing. We decided to get the Capella S705 as it would allow us to adjust the handle back and forth, giving us the flexibility to let the baby face us or the front. As such, all the 4 wheels are designed to be able to turn instead of only the front 2 being able to maneuver. The stroller is suitable from birth onwards.

The Capella S705 is built sturdily and weighs around 8KG. It comprises of a full length sun canopy and a big shopping basket. The in-built mechanism only allows the stroller to be folder easily using 1 hand. When it is not in use, it can be folded and stand on its own without needing any support.

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Review: Wireless Video Baby Monitor

After hunting quite a while for a good video baby monitor, I decided to purchase MOTOROLA MBP33. It operates on wireless technology, 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) which enables reliable video transmission between the camera and the receiver. It also offers 2-way communications between the camera and the receiver or vice versa. Thus, you may be able to communicate with your partner or even your lovely little one when they have learned to speak.

The receiver comes with a 2.8″ colour screen which operates on rechargeable batteries, Mi-MH 3.6V, 900mAH (up to 3.5hrs).  The video quality is pretty good, and supports up to 25FPS. The receiver also allows you to remotely play lullabies to your baby, and controlling the volume. It also displays useless information such as the room temperature, alerts for noise level and etc.

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