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Petrol@SG Launched!

I have launched a new page to keep drivers in Singapore updated on the fuel/petrol prices. As there is currently no web services available to grab the prices from the respective companies, this is a manual process! Still, I believe that changes should be spread to all drivers to allow them to make informed decision on when to top up their fuels. In order for this project to be successful, I will need to garner to help of all drivers to keep me posted other than I myself updating based on the companies’ websites or every other day when I topped up my petrol. I will keep this page simple first by just publishing the petrol prices. If the progress is good, I will introduce more information such as credit card promotions, limited products on sale (e.g. LOGO cards @ Shell) and etc.

You might connect to my twitter as I will post it whenever I update the page. Also, through twitter, you can also update me the petrol prices too!

Head over to the page here! <>