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Review: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

As parents, there are always thousand and one things you would want to get for your little angel at home. Colin and I are no exception. With Baby Ashley growing up day by day, we decided it’s time to start buying her toys that she can play in or play with to keep her entertained at home. Nowadays, toys are not just meant for entertainment. Instead, majority of them are equipped with additional benefits such as educational value. Therefore, choosing toys for kids are no longer a no-brainer but instead, you have to review and analyze what is most suited to the kid before any purchase.

So, what sparked our thought in the purchase of the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo? On a random day of scrolling through events on my Facebook page, I came across an uploaded video of my friend’s baby in her jumperoo. It was pure cute-ness as I watched the baby bounced up and down the jumperoo and you can totally share the baby’s joy through the video clip. With no doubt, I showed Colin the video clip and “TA-DANG”, we decided we should get one for Ashley. We believe she’ll love the toy as much as my friend’s little one given that our active little sweetheart loves to give her body a nice workout every moment of the day. In addition, there are several plus points to the jumperoo as a toy, (1) the moving, spinning and jumping can greatly enhance the child’s large motor skills and (2) the colorful toys and fun music  can act to further stimulate their visual and auditory senses.

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Review: Capella S705-2012 (Red) Stroller

Stroller is a necessity item for all parents when you bring your baby out. Otherwise, your baby will not be able to rest properly when they feel tired. While the baby is sitting in the stroller, parents will tend to want to monitor their baby. However, most strollers are unable to do so, as it is only forward-facing. We decided to get the Capella S705 as it would allow us to adjust the handle back and forth, giving us the flexibility to let the baby face us or the front. As such, all the 4 wheels are designed to be able to turn instead of only the front 2 being able to maneuver. The stroller is suitable from birth onwards.

The Capella S705 is built sturdily and weighs around 8KG. It comprises of a full length sun canopy and a big shopping basket. The in-built mechanism only allows the stroller to be folder easily using 1 hand. When it is not in use, it can be folded and stand on its own without needing any support.

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